Disney+: 4 Awesome New Releases You Don’t Want to Miss

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Disney+ is one of the most widespread streaming services of its kind. To keep its place in the market, Disney has to bring customers the most interesting titles. And we will show you the most awaited ones in our editorial series. What is worth watching now? Of course, you will find trailers with our tips. 

The Most Attractive New Releases on Disney+

Detroit Choir (Choir)

Premiere date: January 31, 2024

The six-part documentary series Detroit Choir follows the story of a choir that is preparing for its most important performance. Through the eyes of the choir members, we will see the highs, lows, and what it is like to grow up in Detroit. The members try to balance school, personal life, sports, and at the same time fulfill their dream of performing on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Premiere date: January 23, 2024 

The musical documentary The Last Repair Shop shows one of the last free repairs of musical instruments for public school students. The workshop has been located in Los Angeles since 1959, and the documentary introduces viewers to a handful of skilled craftsmen who take care of more than 80,000 musical instruments.

Premiere date: January 31, 2024

The series Echo from Marvel studio arrived on Disney+ at the beginning of the month. The plot of the series takes place in New York and the main character becomes Maya, whom Kingpin raises as a ruthless killer. Everything changes when she finds out that Kingpin had her father killed. In the new release Assembled: The Making of Echo, we will look at the filming process and behind-the-scenes information.

Premiere date: January 24 and 31, 2024

The series Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently being released on Disney+. In the following days, we can look forward to the last two episodes. The main character Percy Jackson goes on a journey across America. Along his way, he has to outsmart the gods or fight the monsters, to bring back Zeus’s lightning bolt and prevent the doom. 

With these four new shows and movies, Disney + has something for everyone to enjoy in January 2024. So grab your snacks, settle in, and prepare to be entertained!

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