Shazam: The New Feature That Will Blow Your Mind

Shazam: The New Feature That Will Blow Your Mind

Shazam is one of the classics of the music world and this app, which can recognize songs playing right now, saw the light of day in 2002. In 2018, Apple bought it, which currently has it under its wings and gives it the appropriate care. Shazam for iOS has now received an update with a new feature that is absolutely amazing.

Shazam’s New Version Arrives

The latest version of Shazam for iOS and iPadOS has the numerical designation 17.3 and Apple officially released it just yesterday. The main novelty of this version is the new ability of the app to recognize songs playing in external apps, even when using headphones.

Shazam can recognize songs playing anywhere in your headphones, for example, even in social media apps, such as Instagram or TikTok. You will never miss a song that you like at first listen when scrolling through social media.

Wired or Wireless

You can use this awesome feature with both wireless and wired headphones and it is very easy. First, in the Shazam app, make sure that it detects the connected headphones (headphone icon) and then you can start recognizing music in other apps.

And it works really well. After opening Shazam and checking the connected headphones, you can go anywhere else, for example, to the YouTube app and Shazam will start identifying all the songs that appear in the video you are watching.


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Only on iOS for Now

Shazam has been able to recognize songs in other apps for a long time, but this feature was not available when using headphones before. Currently, this novelty, which arrived as part of the Shazam update to version 17.3, is only available on iOS and iPadOS systems. It can be assumed that it will arrive on Android a bit later.

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