Opera One with AI: Can it dethrone Safari on iOS?

Opera One IOS Announcement

Opera One, a new browser powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is set to arrive on iOS and iPadOS in March 2024.

Opera, a well-established player in the browser market, is hoping to challenge Safari, the current market leader on iOS and iPadOS. Safari accounts for over 96% of all web traffic on the two platforms.

Opera One will use AI to provide a more personalized and efficient browsing experience. For example, the browser will use AI to learn users’ browsing habits and preferences, and to recommend relevant content.

Opera One will also offer a number of other features, including:

  • A new design that is more modern and user-friendly
  • Improved performance and battery life
  • Support for extensions

Whether Opera One will be successful on iOS and iPadOS remains to be seen. However, the browser has the potential to shake up the market and give users more choice.

Source: Opera Press

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