Costs of Creating and Monetizing a Blog in 2024

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Hello and welcome! If you’ve made it here, it’s because you’re curious about the costs of creating a blog in 2024. This article is specifically tailored for those looking to start a blog and monetize it to the point of making a living.

Domain Name

Firstly, you’ll need a domain name. According to GoDaddy, a domain can cost anywhere from 2 to 20 dollars. From my own experience, I believe a good domain typically falls between 10 to 20 dollars.

Here are the top 10 sites where you can purchase a domain [link].

Domain acquired; purchase completed.


Now, you’ll need a host to provide space on a server for your domain. Hosts vary in price and services, with options ranging from 100GB to Infinity ♾️, depending on your host.

There are different types of hosts with different prices; here’s a list of some types [link].

Note: Choose your website’s CMS first, and then the host, to avoid compatibility issues. I’ll explain what a CMS is below.

Choose your host based on your needs. Mine costs 50 dollars annually, excluding additional services like email. Cheaper options are available; check this list [link].

So far, expenses total 50 dollars (excluding fees).


Next, you’ll need a template, which can be free or paid. You can take a free one and customize it as you wish, but this takes time and patience. If you’re not a programming expert, you might need to hire someone at some point, making the template not entirely free. I recommend budgeting around 70 dollars (including fees) for a good template on Envato [link]. There are other reputable companies selling templates; I suggest Envato based on personal experience.

Template technologies

When choosing a template, always study its technologies. Example technologies include HTML5/CSS3, Google web fonts (mandatory for Google AdSense monetization), SEO technology, and multi-device usage.

Choose your CMS

Now, enter the CMS (Content Management System). Choose the best one for you; WordPress is one of the most popular, but there are alternatives [link].

Now, make all necessary configurations. If you’re unsure, hire a freelancer; the service costs around 20 dollars.

With everything set up, design your website, publish articles, work on your website’s policies, and make other adjustments. You’re now ready to apply for monetization. This process takes approximately 2–3 weeks until you receive the monetization code in your mailbox.

Time for calculations:

Domain (20 dollars) + Host (50 dollars) + Template (70 dollars or free) + Freelancer for configurations (20 dollars) = 20 + 50 + 70 + 20 = 160 USD.

This is the average amount you’ll spend on creating a website until monetization.

Of course, it can be cheaper, depending on your needs.

Or sign up to and with just 5 dollars you can have your blog reach the world and monetize it without having to wait 3 weeks and the monetization is better than many platforms. 

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The Blog is not Dead!

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