Apple Vision Pro Unboxing: What’s in the Box?

The Apple Vision Pro is finally on sale, and it's already making a big splash. The first 10 days of sales have shown that there is huge demand for the headset, and Apple stores are seeing a steady stream of customers.

In addition to the first reviews, unboxing videos have also been released, giving us a closer look at this exciting new product.

Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro has been tried out by almost all of the major tech YouTubers, including popular Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). He posted a complete unboxing video on his YouTube channel, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to have this technological marvel arrive at your door.

When the Vision Pro is delivered to your home, you may need help moving it to the table, as the packaging is simply enormous. However, this is because YouTuber MKBHD received a non-standard shipment that included additional accessories and also lenses for users with glasses.

What’s in the box?

The packaging can contain up to three separate boxes, one of which contains the Vision Pro headset itself. If you wear glasses, you will also receive special Zeiss lenses (which magnetically attach to the headset), allowing you to use the headset even if you can’t do without them. The last box contained a premium travel case for $200 (€180).

It is worth noting that the smaller box with Zeiss lenses and the premium travel case are additional items that you may not need in the box if you do not wear glasses and do not purchase the case. The headset itself is displayed in the box like a holy grail and is attached to a comfortable-looking head strap. The rest of the accessories are located in the bottom of the main box.

There are a lot of accessories

One of the main elements included in the sales packaging is a second strap that allows you to secure the headset not only behind your head, but also over it, making it much more comfortable to wear. The package also includes an external battery, a charging adapter, a USB-C cable, a pair of padding, a light blocker, and a polishing cloth for the headset with the word “Vison Pro” written on it. Very stylish.

Make sure to watch the entire unboxing video, which is attached above. MKBHD explains in it, for example, how the headset purchase process works, including facial scanning via iPhone.

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