The Best $5 I Invested in 2023

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Let’s talk about investments in this new section; I’ll share some investments I’ve made over the years.

Last week, I started a post where I explain step by step how to build a good website from domain registration to obtaining traffic. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link below:

Domain to traffic

MEDIUM — undoubtedly, these were the best $5 invested in 2023

I subscribed to Medium, and since then, it’s been nothing but success! 🥳 It’s an investment because, since my arrival, my goal has been to obtain traffic, and boom, many visits to my website.


See the most highlighted articles of the week:

High-Quality Content

$5 to Learn — Medium writers produce high-quality content, from techniques on making money to health tips. If you don’t have a Medium membership, it’s worth considering.

Monetization Medium offers monetization through the Medium Partner Program. I’ve tested it, and the monetization is better than Adsense. Here’s an interesting article on how monetization works on Medium;

How Does Medium Pay Its Partners?


Medium is one of the most visited websites globally monthly. While SimilarWeb may not be very accurate with traffic analysis, it provides an approximation. Below is the traffic number Medium receives annually — 155 million, holding the second position in its category in the United States.

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Medium stats on SimilarWeb: A shout-out to those who have supported the blog

This results in generating good organic traffic for articles on my website through links directed there. My articles appear on Google News, Bing News, expanding their reach. Medium has well-integrated CMS (content management systems) and SEO tools. An article on Medium can appear on various search engines and websites worldwide, giving your profile extensive reach.

Check out this interesting article on how to submit your site to search engines with a top-notch list. I am currently submitting my website to more search engines.

Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

I’ll talk more about traffic in the post I announced above, stay tuned 😉


As you’ve noticed, I recommended articles I didn’t even write. That’s because Medium is more than a platform; it’s a community where you’re always learning from others.

I started a publication with Yohan where we write about Apple, one of the best companies in the world. Please follow:

Apple Maestro

Here ends the story of how investing these $5 in Medium was one of the best things that happened.

Cheers, until next time!

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