VW UK Boss: Slash Taxes on Electric Cars to Boost Sales

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As reported by AutoCar The head of Volkswagen UK has called on the government to provide more support for electric vehicles. Alex Smith, managing director of Volkswagen Group UK, said that measures were needed to make it easier for people to buy electric cars. He said that such measures would send a clear signal to the industry that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive market.

Smith’s Proposals:

Smith made a number of specific proposals to support the sale of electric cars. These included:

  • Reducing the rate of VAT on new electric car sales by 10%
  • Reintroducing a reduced rate of vehicle excise duty for electric cars
  • Providing long-term certainty about the future of tax breaks for electric cars

Smith said that these measures would help to boost demand for electric cars from both consumers and businesses.

The Importance of Consistency

Smith also stressed the importance of the government providing a consistent policy framework for electric vehicles. He said that uncertainty could damage consumer confidence.

VW Golf 8 E 0

Photo: Quality check of the Golf 8 at the light tunnel (Germany)

The Need for Infrastructure Investment

Smith also called for the government to set binding targets for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. He said that this was fair, given that the automotive industry now has legally binding targets for the sale of electric cars.

Smith said that there was an urgent need for action to support electric vehicles. He said that the introduction of supportive measures and clear policy direction was essential for the success of the electric car market. He urged the government to take concrete steps to support electric vehicles and ensure a smooth transition to cleaner, greener transport.

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