Tesla Plans the Future of Charging with the World’s Largest Supercharger Station

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Tesla has the best charging network for electric vehicles in the world. The network is constantly growing and improving, and Tesla is now planning to build the largest Supercharger station yet.

The new station will be located in Kern County, California, and will offer more than 160 charging stalls. This will make it the largest Supercharger station in the world, surpassing the current record holder in Kettleman City, California.

Designed for Different Needs

The new station will also include 16 dedicated charging stalls for vehicles with trailers. This is a new feature that Tesla is adding to its Supercharger network to accommodate the growing number of people who are using electric vehicles for towing.

In addition to the charging stalls, the new station will also feature a microgrid with batteries and solar panels. This will allow Tesla to optimize energy use and reduce the cost of charging.


 Strategically Located

The new station will be located at the intersection of Highway 5 and State Route 46. This is a strategic location, as it is a major thoroughfare for travel between Northern and Southern California.

The station will have a positive impact on the charging infrastructure in the region and will support the growth of sustainable mobility.

Source: MarcoRP – (As this is currently the only plan view available, it has yet to be confirmed).

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