Zuckerberg: Apple’s Vision Pro No Match for Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3
In a three-minute video posted to his Instagram profile, Zuckerberg shared his thoughts after spending several days testing the Vision Pro. He said that while the Vision Pro has a high-resolution display and eye-tracking sensors, these features come at the expense of comfort.

“It’s a very impressive piece of hardware,” Zuckerberg said of the Vision Pro. “But I think the Quest 3 is better in most things.”

Quest 3’s Advantages

Zuckerberg believes the Quest 3 outperforms the Vision Pro, including weight, field of view, and wireless operation thanks to its built-in battery. The Quest 3 is not only lighter, but it also has a wider field of view and is untethered, offering a more comfortable user experience.

The affordability of the Quest 3, he said is seven times cheaper than the Vision Pro, the Quest already boasts a “much deeper” library of compelling content and games.


The Future of Quest

Meta plans to incorporate eye-tracking sensors into future Quest products. The Meta Quest 3 is priced at $499, which is significantly less than the Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag. 

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