Apple Watch Series 10: Release Date, Design, Features, and Price Rumors

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Apple is expected to launch its 10th generation Apple Watch later this year. The Apple Watch Series 10 will mark a decade of Apple presence. The last few generations only brought a few new features, Apple is believed to have saved some important features for the 10th generation.


According to Bloomberg correspondent Gurman, Apple is planning a major redesign for the 10th generation of the watch

There is talk of a thinner case for the watch itself and a new band attachment mechanism, which would fundamentally change the design of the entire Apple Watch Series 10.

Apple is expected to opt for aluminum and stainless steel as the materials used. We don’t have much information about the color variants yet, but we can guess from Apple’s previous moves. 

If the current trend continues, we can expect different colors. These include black, silver, graphite gray, and silver and gold.


As we mentioned earlier, Apple is planning a new system for attaching the band to the watch. 

The current system takes up a lot of space on the watch, so redesigning it will allow for a larger battery and better internal components.

The new system is said to be magnetic, which would be bad news for current bracelets, which would not be compatible with the new system.


The main improvement, however, should be the screen, according to MacRumors. Apple is using a new microLED display on the Apple Watch Series 10 for the first time. More than 300 people at Apple are working on developing this technology and it is considered the Holy Grail of displays.

It is said to have the parameters of OLED displays in terms of black and contrast. At the same time, it is said to have the same brightness as traditional LED technologies, without the risk of image burn-in. 

If Apple actually uses this new type of display, it will be the first device of its kind, opening the door for other devices with this type of display.

Health Features

According to Bloomberg, several new health features are also expected to be found in the Apple Watch Series 10. Blood pressure monitoring is expected to be significantly improved. This should be much more accurate and detect hypertension.

Sleep tracking is also expected to be more advanced, with alerts for possible sleep apnea. This is to be detected based on breathing patterns and overall restlessness during sleep. Unfortunately, we also have bad news, as the possibility of blood glucose monitoring has been talked about for many years, but the development of this feature has come to a standstill.

Release Date

Apple usually announces its new smartwatches in September. This tradition has been going on for many years, so Apple is expected to continue it this year. It is still too early for an exact date for the Apple Watch Series 10, but the timeframe for the second half of September this year is clear.


Apple has not increased prices in recent years. If Apple continues this strategy, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to be available for the same price as its predecessor. The watch should be available in Wi-Fi + cellular and Wi-Fi only models, with the latter traditionally being cheaper.

Of course, there will be two sizes available, 41mm and 45mm. The price will also vary depending on the material used (aluminum and stainless steel). According to speculation, the price will start at $399 and the most expensive model will be available for $799.

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