How I used modeling to design my social media

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Modeling is a learning process that has helped me a lot in various aspects of my life 😉. It is based on observing and imitating a behavior or something in order to strengthen or acquire a new behavior.


Modeling can be applied in various aspects of life. I applied it to create my social media profiles, and it worked out well.

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My Instagram page

Actually, I don’t have much engagement on social media yet; I don’t focus much on it except for LinkedIn. But I managed to create some profiles that I’m proud of. For example, on Instagram, I modeled The Economist’s Instagram. 

Modeling is not copying; it’s visualizing from one idea to a new idea, with different objectives and ideals.

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The Economist page on Instagram

This principle works for anything you want to do. Always seek the best examples and improve aspects in your own life.

In the examples above, I used modeling, visualized how well organized The Economist page was and created a page for The Afronomist using Canva, note: The two accounts are not related, I just used the modeling process to create an idea of my own with another vision and purpose.

But you need to be careful with modeling. Always seek out the best and good models. By doing this, success is almost guaranteed, depending only on you to make what you are modeling a reality.

Now tell me, have you ever used modeling to improve or learn something in your life?

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