Apple’s Foldable iPhone: Why It’s Still Not Here?

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Apple has been exploring foldable technology for years, with reports dating back to 2016. However, the company has yet to release a foldable iPhone, and there are several reasons for this.

Display Issues

One of the biggest challenges for Apple is finding a foldable display that meets its high standards. 

According to a recent report from Chinese tech blogger Fixed Focus Digital, Apple has paused development of its foldable iPhone due to problems with the displays provided by its suppliers.

Durability Concerns

Apple is also reportedly concerned about the durability of foldable devices. 

The company’s internal testing has found that foldable displays can be prone to damage after repeated use.


Foldable devices are currently very expensive, and Apple is likely hesitant to release a foldable iPhone that would cost significantly more than its current models.

As of October 26, 2023

ModelStoragePrice (USD)
Galaxy Z Fold 4256GB$1,799
Galaxy Z Fold 4512GB$1,999
Galaxy Z Fold 41TB$2,199
Galaxy Z Flip 4128GB$999
Galaxy Z Flip 4256GB$1,099
Galaxy Z Flip 4512GB$1,199

Market Demand

It’s also unclear whether there is enough demand for foldable devices to justify Apple releasing one. The market for foldable smartphones is still in its early stages, and it’s not yet clear whether it will become mainstream.

Acording to the TheLec the first foldable phone might be launched in 2026/2027.

The Future of Foldable Devices

Apple is likely to continue exploring foldable technology. The company has filed numerous patents related to foldable devices, and it’s possible that we will see a foldable iPhone in the future. 

It’s also possible that Apple will decide to focus on other foldable devices, such as a foldable iPad.

The company is likely waiting for the market to mature and for the technology to improve before releasing a foldable device that meets its high standards.

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