Tesla Supercharger Challenge: Race to the Finish for a Mysterious “Easter Egg”

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Tesla has announced a unique competition on its official X profile. The winner will be the driver who visits the most Tesla Supercharger stations in the next months.

The contest ends on March 31st and promises an exciting “easter egg” as a reward.


Strategies and complaints

Tesla owners are sharing clever strategies in the comments section on how to beat the competition. However, some complain that the contest is unfair due to the concentration of Supercharger stations in the US, which gives American drivers a significant advantage.

The mystery prize

Tesla is keeping the exact nature of the “easter egg” a secret. 

Speculation centers around software that unlocks a new feature in the winning car, or an exclusive gift like Tesla’s tequila.

When and how will we find out the winner?

We’ll finally know who conquered the most Superchargers and won the mysterious prize on March 31st.

It’s unclear at this point if Tesla will select winners based on region.

How many Superchargers will the winners visit?

That’s the question on every Tesla fan’s mind. How many stations will the most successful drivers manage to visit in two months?

Follow this epic competition with us and witness the triumph in the hunt for the mysterious “easter egg”!

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