Forget Scraping: This Electric Car Shakes Off Snow Like a Husky! 

We've seen cars with heated seats and steering wheels, but what about a car that can shake off snow? Chinese automaker Nio has developed a clever new feature for its flagship ET9 sedan that does just that.

Using its sophisticated active suspension, the ET9 can vibrate and shimmy itself free of snow.

A video shared by Nio on Weibo shows the car doing just that, with a pyramid of champagne glasses on the hood remaining perfectly still as the car shakes itself off.

This is a genuinely useful feature, especially for those who live in areas with heavy snowfall. No more scraping snow off your car in the morning! And it’s also pretty fun to watch.

But will it work on all types of snow?

That’s a good question. The video shows the ET9 shaking off light, powdery snow. It’s not clear how well it would work on heavier, wet snow.

Still, this is a clever innovation from Nio. It’s just one more way that electric cars are becoming more and more sophisticated.

  • The Nio ET9 is a high-end electric car with a starting price of $113,000, 
  • It has a number of advanced features, including active suspension, steer-by-wire, and a dual-motor powertrain with 697 horsepower, it’s not clear how well the feature would work on all types of snow, but it’s a promising development nonetheless.
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