Apple to Debut Larger Air and Thinner Pro iPads Soon

Apple to Debut Larger Air and Thinner Pro iPads Soon

Apple surprised everyone last year by not introducing any new iPads. However, that doesn’t mean they’re done with tablets altogether. In just a few weeks, they’re expected to unveil new iPad Pro and Air models. Two new models will be coming from each lineup, according to a leak reported by 9to5Mac.

Bigger Apple iPad Air and Thinner Pro

This year’s generation looks set to bring more than just cosmetic changes. It was leaked last year that Apple is working on two new versions of the iPad Air, codenamed J507 and J537. 

It looks like Apple will be offering two sizes for the Air model for the first time ever. 

While the smaller one should look almost identical to the current iPad Air, the larger variant, with dimensions of 280.6 mm × 214.9 mm × 6.0 mm, should be practically identical to the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, except for a smaller thickness.

As for the iPad Pro, it seems that the new models will undergo smaller changes, especially in terms of size. This year’s lineup will be slightly larger, but at the same time thinner. 

The 11-inch version could have new dimensions of 249.7 mm × 177.5 mm × 5.1 mm, compared to the current 247.6 mm × 178.5 mm × 5.9 mm. 

The new dimensions for the larger 12.9-inch variant could be 281.5 mm × 215.5 mm × 5.0 mm, compared to the current 280.6 mm × 214.9 mm × 6.4 mm. 

This slimming down is also related to the switch to an OLED display, which has fewer layers than LCD displays.

Apple IPad Air 129 Photo

Photo: Apple iPad Air 12.9

What else can we expect?

In addition to the OLED display, the iPad Pros will get the M3 processor and probably more storage options as well. According to some sources, Apple is also preparing new accessories for the iPad. In the case of the iPad Air, it is not yet known whether they will get the M2 instead of the M1 processor or skip straight to the M3.

When will they be introduced?

Given that accessory manufacturers are ramping up production of cases for the new iPads, they are expected to be unveiled as early as next month. Apple could unveil them at the end of March alongside new MacBooks. We don’t know at this point whether Apple will hold a special event for this occasion to unveil them or whether they will simply issue a press release.

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