WhatsApp Introduces New Text Formatting Options for Clearer Conversations

Whatsapp Formatting

In today’s world, we increasingly communicate through chat applications, and there is a need to format text so that the recipient correctly understands the message. That’s why WhatsApp is introducing four new text formatting options that increase the versatility of how users express themselves in the messaging app, as reported by MacRumors. The new styles include Block Quotes, Bulleted Lists, Inline Code, and Numbered Lists.

New formatting in WhatsApp

Users can start a block quote by using “>” before their message, start a bulleted list with “-“, start a numbered list with “1.”, and create inline code by wrapping the text in backticks. These formatting options have been in testing for several months and are now available for Android, iOS, Mac, and the web.

These new features complement existing text formatting options, which include bold, italics, and strikethrough. The latest additions allow users to communicate more effectively and enable the creation of structured messages, such as lists and block quotes, directly within the chat. WhatsApp is constantly introducing updates and design improvements, keeping the platform dynamic and user-friendly.

Whatsapp Formatting3

WhatsApp Text Formatting Shortcuts | photo: WhatsApp

Limited screenshots

In addition, WhatsApp has introduced a privacy-focused change by limiting screenshots of profile pictures. The app now displays a warning message, such as “This app doesn’t allow screenshots,” when a user tries to take a screenshot of a profile picture. This feature is currently available in beta for Android users.

While this increases privacy within the app, users are warned that alternative methods, such as taking a picture with another device, can still circumvent these restrictions.

More updates on the horizon

Looking ahead, users can expect more updates, including the introduction of a chatbot powered by Meta AI, as announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year. The continuous development of WhatsApp demonstrates the commitment to providing comprehensive and secure messaging for its global user base.

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