Rivian Follows Tesla’s Lead, Opens Charging Network to Other Brands

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Just like Tesla has its Supercharger network, its competitor Rivian has its own exclusive Adventure Network. 

According to shareholder letters, the automaker plans to allow charging of electric vehicles of other brands in the second half of the year. Why did the company decide to take this step?

Rivian Will Qualify For Subsidies

The competing Superchargers, which are also gradually opening up to electric vehicles of other brands, currently offer 12,000 charging points in the United States. 

Compared to this, Rivian’s network with its 400 charging points at 67 locations is minimal, but its contribution to the public charging infrastructure still makes sense.

Rivian is not doing this just to please electric vehicle owners of competing brands, but it will also help its own ambitions in building a charging network which is improving. 

The US government has allocated $7.5 billion to fund projects to build charging infrastructure. However, these subsidies cannot be used to build chargers that are exclusive to vehicles of one brand. Rivian’s goal is to build hundreds more charging hubs with thousands of charging points. 

If it did not open its network, it would not qualify for these grant programs.

“Opening our network will allow other customers to benefit from our reliable charging solution, allow Rivian to leverage the fixed costs associated with each charging location, and allow Rivian to apply for government grants associated with expanding domestically manufactured fast chargers across the country,” the company said.

Sufficient charging stations are key to the expansion of electromobility

Most of today’s electric vehicle owners charge at home. Better public charging infrastructure will be essential to support the next wave of electric vehicle buyers, those who park on the street and cannot charge using home wallboxes. Surveys consistently show that charging anxiety is still one of the main reasons preventing motorists from switching from fossil fuels to electric mobility.

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