Renault Scénic E-Tech Wins European Car of the Year 2024

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The Geneva Motor Show has been a showcase for electric vehicles in recent years, and 2024 is no exception. The Renault Scénic E-Tech has been crowned European Car of the Year, beating out strong competition from the likes of the BMW 5 Series and the Peugeot 3008.

Car of the Year 🏆

The Scénic E-Tech is a spacious and practical electric SUV with a range of up to 625 kilometers. It’s also relatively affordable, with prices starting at just over €40,000 in Europe, under €40,000 in countries with government subsidies.

The victory is a major coup for Renault. It’s the seventh time that the French automaker has won the European Car of the Year award, and the first time since 2006.

Diving Deeper into the Renault Scénic E-Tech Specs:

The award-winning Renault Scénic E-Tech stands out with several impressive specifications:


With an impressive range of up to 625 kilometers (388 miles) thanks to its 87 kWh battery, the Scénic E-Tech tackles longer journeys without range anxiety.


Renault claims the car can be charged from 0 to 200 kilometers (124 miles) of range in just 30 minutes using a fast charger. A full charge from empty to 100% takes approximately 4 hours with the 22 kW on-board charger.


While specific power and torque figures are not available yet, the Scénic E-Tech likely utilizes a similar electric motor setup as its sibling, the Renault Megane E-Tech. This translates to a powerful 220 horsepower (162 kW) motor delivering smooth and responsive acceleration.

Interior and Cargo: 

The Scénic E-Tech boasts a spacious interior, offering a comfortable ride for passengers. The 545-liter (19.2 cubic feet) cargo space provides ample room for luggage and everyday essentials.


The car comes equipped with modern technology features, including Google Assistant and Google Maps integration, keeping you connected and informed on the go. An optional Harman Kardon sound system with 9 speakers elevates the audio experience.

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