The Best Websites to Get Copyright-Free Photos

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Hello 🫶! Continuing our series in pursuit of perfect SEO, this time let’s talk about something essential in any good article: a good photo.

Photos add charm to an article, and since we already have experience in creating articles, check our Top 5:

The Best Websites to Get Copyright-Free Photos

Note: Editor’s opinion, each case is unique:


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Photo by Freepik

Freepik stands out as the leading resource for copyright-free photos due to its vast and diverse collection of high-quality images.

With a wide library covering various themes and styles, users can easily find stunning photos, from breathtaking landscapes to creative illustrations. The exceptional quality of the images available on Freepik ensures they meet the needs of both personal and commercial projects, providing a reliable and accessible source of visual resources for any purpose.


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Photo by Unsplash

My second choice is always Unsplash. Whenever I can’t find a good photo on Freepik, I turn to Unsplash. Unsplash users are active, so the photos are constantly updated, offering beautiful and natural images.

With a community of talented photographers and an impressive variety of themes, Unsplash offers a wide range of photos, from stunning portraits to nature and architecture images. Additionally, Unsplash offers the option to freely download all photos without attribution, making it a popular choice for those seeking high-quality images for their projects.

Burst by Shopify

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Photo by Burst by Shopify

The quality of photos on Burst is remarkable. While the photos are copyright-free, attribution is required, but it’s worth it. The only downside is the limited stock compared to other platforms, but the quality is top-notch.

Burst by Shopify is a platform dedicated to providing copyright-free photos for entrepreneurs, merchants, and content creators. Developed by the renowned e-commerce platform Shopify, Burst offers a wide variety of high-quality images, especially tailored for the world of business and online commerce.


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Photo by Pexels

If it weren’t for the quality and professionalism of Burst by Shopify, I would place Pexels in 3rd place. Pexels offers beautiful and artistic photos.

Pexels is a platform that offers a wide variety of high-quality photos and videos, all copyright-free. With a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of diverse content, Pexels is a popular choice for designers, bloggers, and content creators seeking visual resources for their projects, both personal and commercial.


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Photo by Pixabay

In 5th place, but not the worst, is Pixabay. While it has a wide library, I rank it 5th because I believe there’s a limitation in the library and sometimes the photos lack quality. They need to improve their selection, but apart from that, it’s definitely in my Top 5.

Pixabay is known for its vast library of high-quality photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos, all available for free for personal and commercial use without attribution to the author. With millions of images available in a wide variety of themes and styles, Pixabay is a popular choice among designers, bloggers, website developers, and marketers seeking quality visual resources to enrich their projects.

Here ends the Top 5 websites to get copyright-free photos. Some have paid Premium options. Make your own assessment and choose the platform to your liking, or simply stick to the free photos with or without attribution, which offer a wide range of options.

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