Is it Too Late for Apple’s AI Revolution?

Tim Cook Presentation Keynote

Apple CEO Tim Cook has assured shareholders that the company will “break new ground” in generative artificial intelligence in 2024. Cook added, “We believe this will open up transformative opportunities for our users,” according to MacRumors.

Apple playing catch-up

Apple has been somewhat slow to catch on to the generative AI trend, failing to capitalize on the rise of ChatGPT and other large language models. Only in recent months has the company made efforts to play catch-up.

Cook has spoken about Apple’s AI ambitions in recent months. In November, he said that Apple was investing “quite a bit” in AI, and in February he said that the company was devoting “an enormous amount of time and energy” to AI, with more details to come later this year. However, beyond these general statements, we have yet to see anything concrete that could be considered competitive. Investors, meanwhile, are growing increasingly nervous and their pressure is mounting.

iOS 18 expected to be a game-changer

According to various reports, Apple plans to integrate new generative AI features into iOS 18, which is expected to be the biggest and most significant update in the history of the operating system. Apple promises to tightly integrate AI features with its services, which is likely to affect many built-in iOS apps, especially the digital assistant Siri.

Cancellation of Apple Car frees up resources

As we have reported previously, the Californian company is currently strengthening its AI development by shifting financial and human resources from the canceled Project Titan. 

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