Ford Patents Faster Charging for Electric Cars: What You Need to Know

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Ford is a major player in the electric vehicle market with its 400V architecture. However, the company has never announced plans to offer electric models with 800V architecture, which allows for faster charging and higher performance. This could be about to change, though.

Ford patent plan for 800-volt EV architecture

A patent filed by Ford four years ago reveals that the company is working on a multi-voltage system capable of operating at 800V, at least during charging. This could be a significant step forward for Ford, as its current electric vehicles are not the fastest charging on the market.

The patent describes a “multi-voltage” system with two separate charging profiles. This suggests that it may not be a completely new 800V architecture, but rather a way to increase the voltage for faster DC fast charging.

The patent also mentions two separate battery packs that would be charged by the multi-voltage charging system. This is similar to the solution used by GM in its Hummer EV.

It is unclear when Ford will introduce this new technology. However, given that the patent was filed four years ago, it could be just around the corner. It is also possible that the technology could be implemented in existing models, such as the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

Source: InsideEVs

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