iOS 17.4: 5 Must-Know Features

IOS 17 4
The upcoming iOS 17.4 update is shaping up to be the most important of the year. It brings a host of new features, including a big game-changer: the ability to download apps from outside of Apple's official App Store.

What’s New In IOS 17.4

1. Downloading Apps And Alternative Payment Methods

iOS 17.4 is considered an update for one reason in particular: it will make alternative app stores and payment methods available to European users. This means you will be able to install apps from other sources and pay for them without using the Apple App Store.

Users will even be able to set an alternative app store as the default on their iOS device, bypassing the App Store entirely. In addition to users, developers will also benefit from this change, as they will no longer have to pay a commission to Apple for each payment made through the App Store. Apple is forced to make this change due to a new law known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

2. PQ3: Next Generation Messaging Security

iOS 17.4 also introduces an innovative new security feature called PQ3. It is designed to protect messages on the iMessage platform even against highly sophisticated quantum attacks that messaging platforms may face in the future.

3. Support for next-generation Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay 2nd Generation In Porsche Taycan

Apple CarPlay 2nd generation in Porsche taycan

Next-generation CarPlay is expected to launch later this year and iOS 17.4 will add support for a number of new features. This will include things like climate control, tire pressure monitoring, the ability to view parking camera images, and checking the charging status of an electric vehicle. There is a lot to wait for.

4. Improved protection for stolen devices

This new feature is based on a security feature that Apple implemented in iOS 17.3. This requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication to access passwords in iCloud Keychain. It also adds a one-hour security delay for password changes. In iOS 17.4, it will be possible to activate this delay only when your device is outside known locations (office, home and others).

5. Cloud gaming

Finally, Apple is targeting all gamers with support for cloud gaming. Full apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW will finally be available on the App Store, which were previously prohibited to iOS gamers who could only access these services through a web interface. This will change with iOS 17.4.

When will iOS 17.4 arrive?

The exact release date for iOS 17.4 is not yet known, but we do know for sure that it will arrive sometime this month, in March 2024. We may see it as soon as next Monday the 4th. It is also a popular quote among forecasters. Either way, iOS 17.4 is just around the corner.

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