Tesla Opens First “Gas Station”-Style Supercharger Station

Tesla Paine Supercharger 2 1

Tesla is taking a major step towards its goal of becoming the world’s largest provider of charging stations. In the German city of Paine, it has opened its first location with fourth-generation Superchargers. However, unlike previous locations, this one is significantly different. The design and layout are much more reminiscent of a traditional gas station.

A Gas Station-Style Charging Station?

Upon arrival, you will notice a large digital display that informs the driver of charging prices and operational information for the entire location. In addition to the chargers themselves, there is also a lounge and a café to help pass the time while your electric car charges. This new type of charging location comes at the right time, as Tesla will soon allow owners of other car brands to use Superchargers.

The station will allow charging with power up to 250 kW. Owners of other brands can pay for the energy consumed using a payment card, and up to twenty vehicles can be connected at the same time. Since the charging price is not fixed at Tesla, the totem with the current price is definitely a good advantage. The price varies, for example, depending on the time windows or the load of the chargers.

Top-Tier Facilities

Vehicle owners who have already tried out the chargers praise the cafe’s amenities and the charging speed. However, it seems Tesla hasn’t yet unlocked the full power of the chargers, with the upper limit still set at 400V.

The current average price is 55 cents per kWh of electricity. However, the values displayed on the screen can be misleading for some drivers, as they primarily apply to Tesla owners with a subscription. Therefore, non-Tesla drivers might face an unpleasant surprise on their bill.

Unlike in Europe where Tesla uses the standard CCS Combo connector, in the US, they’ve successfully established their proprietary connector as the local standard. Other major manufacturers have agreed to switch from their own connectors. But before this change is reflected in factory-made vehicles, electric car owners can take advantage of the switch with an adapter. So far, Ford vehicles are the first to be able to use American Superchargers with an adapter, and owners are excited about this news, sharing it on social media.

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