Surprise! Rivian unveils the R3, a smaller, urban-friendly electric car

Rivian R3 001

Rivian has been teasing its fans with the upcoming release of the R2 SUV, a smaller sibling to the first-generation R1T and R1S models. The event turned out to be a double surprise, with an even more compact crossover, the Rivian R3, making an unexpected appearance.

An Electric Rivian for the Masses?

The company’s CEO described the small crossover as a combination of the R2’s features and a new, smaller platform, taking that mix and shrinking it down even further. While the brand has so far represented the SUVs that Americans increasingly love, the Rivian R3 will feel much more at home in urban areas. But of course, it carries with it the typical Rivian elements, so you’ll know at a glance which manufacturer the car belongs to. Based on some images, the car looks remotely like the first-generation Volkswagen Golf, especially those with the Country nickname. Don’t you think?

The R1T and R1S models were openly aimed at wealthy buyers. The smaller R2 is meant to attract new audiences and customers to the manufacturer. It also wants to compete on price, but a price tag over a million crowns is still out of reach for many. Therefore, the “troika” should appeal to ordinary citizens, who have so far been priced out of Rivian. In addition, with the planned mass production, the smaller models should be seen on the roads more often than the still very exclusive R1 range. The specific price level is still confidential. What is certain is that it will be an amount below one million crowns, or less than 45 thousand dollars.

It’s packed with power and will travel over 300 miles.

Compared to the R2, the R3 model will be 12.7 centimeters shorter. Therefore, its length is limited to four meters and 57 centimeters. The good thing is that Rivian doesn’t want to deprive interested buyers of anything. Therefore, they will be able to choose between the same one- to three-electric motor drive variants. A couple of battery sizes will be offered. The largest will travel over 483 kilometers, or the same as the R2, over 300 miles on a single charge.

Built-in compatibility with the new American charging standard is a given. For the smaller models, however, the promise of the possibility of using the more familiar CCS Combo connector is promised. The manufacturer will offer a discount for this purpose. Is this an indirect promise to expand the market or simply to cover a wider network of public charging stations? Thanks to fast charging, the car will charge 70 percent of the battery (10-80%) in less than thirty minutes. However, we don’t yet know what the maximum power output the car can handle. Unfortunately, the same applies to the size of the batteries or the performance of each electric motor.

Rivian will go international

But the small Rivian R3 is heavily armed for self-driving. Its equipment includes five radars and eleven cameras that work together in an advanced system. For now, drivers assist and facilitate driving, but over time they should be prepared for autonomous control. You can fold down the second-row seats so that nothing can stop you from camping or transporting larger loads. Another surprise was also the performance-oriented version. It is more suitable for rally racing than for camping. You can recognize it from the normal model by the R3X designation.

Finally, the CEO announced that all new smaller models will be available internationally. Naturally, the first in line will be American customers. While the R2 was launched last Thursday, its younger siblings are still waiting. But the goal is to get these models to market as soon as possible so that they can significantly support the company’s financial situation.

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