Apple’s Patent Points to a Foldable Future Without Creases

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Foldable phones have been around for a while in the Android world, but Apple has yet to release its own version. They’re likely still developing the right technology to make a splash in the industry. Recently, Apple filed a patent that could be a game-changer.

A Crease-Free Foldable Display?

As anyone who’s owned a foldable phone knows, the crease where the screen folds is very noticeable, both visually and tactilely. Apple isn’t satisfied with this solution and is reportedly working on a way to eliminate it.

The Cupertino company has filed a patent for a technology that would remove the crease from foldable displays entirely. The technology relies on specific chemical reactions with different types of materials to create a completely smooth, crease-free display, according to Patently Apple.

MacBook to Get First Foldable Display

Most people would expect the first foldable Apple device to be a new iPhone or iPad, but that won’t be the case. According to information from well-known leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, the first foldable Apple device will be a 20-inch MacBook, which won’t enter mass production until 2027.

More Than Just Phones

Unfortunately, it seems we won’t be seeing foldable iPhones anytime soon. Realistically, the first one might not be released until 2028 or 2029. But who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us…

The Future of Foldable Devices

Apple’s patent is a significant development in the foldable display market. If they can successfully implement this technology, it could revolutionize the way we interact with our devices. Foldable phones and tablets could become the norm, offering a more immersive and versatile user experience.

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