Volkswagen Backtracks: Electric VW ID.3 Troubles the Company

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Volkswagen continues to face major difficulties. There is very little interest in its electric cars, and the manufacturer has stopped production several times. This time, however, it does not seem like a temporary solution. The production of the smallest ID.3 model so far will take a different course than previously planned.

Major Factory Reconstruction Postponed

This year, the plan was to expand production to the brand’s main production center in Wolfsburg, Germany. So far, the ID.3 has been manufactured at the Zwickau plant. It will continue there; the expansion will not happen after all. The new lines would require major modifications, and with little interest, Volkswagen’s extensive renovations are not worth it. The Zwickau plant has already been modernized, so it will continue to produce electric models.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time the Germans have stopped production of their electric cars. For the same reason of low interest, production was already interrupted for several weeks at the end of last year. In 2023, only 140,800 units of this model were sold. Finances will be saved in Wolfsburg, and people will be able to keep their jobs in Zwickau.

Wolfsburg to Remain Loyal to Incinerators

The car is also manufactured on the Dresden lines. Christian Vollmer, a member of the board, said in an interview with the Handelsblatt server that the production changes will not negatively affect this factory. The ID.3 model underwent a facelift last year and a notable improvement in the interior and reliability, but people still hold some grudge against these electric cars.

This small electric vehicle was already being manufactured in a limited way in Wolfsburg. However, due to the state and focus of the production lines, it was not a mass production. The ID.3 is the only electric model that was supposed to complement the iconic Golf in short and long versions, the Touran family model and a couple of medium SUVs Tiguan and Seat Tarraco.

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