The Porsche 911: A Legend Electrified


After 60 years of ruling the track and the road, the legendary Porsche 911 is set to enter a new era: the era of electrification. Starting this summer, Porsche will offer a hybrid model of the 911, combining the car’s iconic performance with the innovative technology of an electric motor.

A Unique and Exclusive Hybrid

The new hybrid system in the 911 is unlike any other on the market. It’s a self-charging 400V hybrid system, utilizing an electric motor on the front axle and a twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder gasoline engine on the rear wheels.

Energy is stored in a lightweight lithium-ion battery, specially developed for rapid charging and discharging. The system benefits from regenerative braking technology, eliminating the need for external charging.

Electrifying Performance

Still under wraps, the performance of the new hybrid 911 promises to be electrifying. Porsche is expected to offer different power levels, with models like the Turbo-E Hybrid and Turbo S E-Hybrid expanding the range.

Hybrid technology won’t be limited to the 911. Porsche is also planning hybrid models for the Cayenne, Panamera, and even the powerful GT2 RS.

Tradition Meets Innovation

The development of the new hybrid system was a result of collaboration between Porsche’s production car and motorsport divisions, along with Rimac, an electric motor specialist.

While the hybrid 911 represents a significant step for Porsche, the brand doesn’t forget its roots. The Carrera and Carrera S models will retain the three-liter turbocharged boxer engine, while the GTS models might receive the naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine from the 718 Cayman GT4.

The Future of the 911

The electrification of the 911 marks the beginning of a new era for Porsche. It’s a future that blends tradition and innovation, performance and sustainability.

With the new hybrid 911, Porsche ensures the legend will continue to live for many years to come, now powered by an electrifying force.

Porsche 2023

Photo: Porsche 2023

Source: Porsche Newsroom

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