E-Bikes Take Over: German Bicycle Industry Reaches New Heights

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Against the backdrop of a generally negative consumer climate, bicycle production and sales in Germany reached a record high in 2023, matching the boom year of 2020. The number of bicycles and e-bikes in the country reached a record 84 million in 2023 (2022: 82.8 million), of which around 11 million are e-bikes. According to the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), the German bicycle industry association, market saturation is not yet in sight.

E-bikes Drive the Market

E-bikes are the driving force behind the bicycle industry in almost all product segments. In 2023, for the first time, more e-bikes were sold in Germany than classic bicycles (47%), accounting for 53% of the market (2022: 48%). This compares to 1.9 million bicycles sold (47%) and 2.1 million e-bikes in 2023. The high proportion of sales through specialist retailers, at 77%, is also striking.

Following the previous year’s record high, production of bicycles and e-bikes in 2023 remained at a very good level: with 2.3 million vehicles produced, output was at the same level as the boom year of 2020. Taking into account contract manufacturing by German companies abroad, the total number of bicycles and e-bikes produced by the German bicycle industry last year rises to 3.0 million.

Strong Sales Value

The value of bicycles and e-bikes sold in Germany in 2023 was 7.06 billion euros (2022: 7.36 billion euros, 2021: 6.56 billion euros, 2019: 4.0 billion euros). The value of the products is also reflected in the selling prices. Across all sales channels (specialist retailers, online, DIY stores, etc.), the industry recorded an average gross price of 470 euros for bicycles in 2023 (2022: 500 euros) and 2,950 euros for e-bikes (2022: 2,800 euros).

The popularity of bicycles and e-bikes is set to continue, according to ZIV Managing Director Burkhard Stork: “The market data we have published clearly shows that people in Germany attach great importance to bicycles and related products in their everyday lives and leisure time. Politicians should continue to support this trend with appropriate measures.”

This is good news for the environment, for public health, and for the German economy.

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