Volkswagen ID.1: Affordable Electric Car Coming in 2027

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Volkswagen is making electric cars accessible for everyone with the announcement of their most affordable electric vehicle yet, the ID.1.

€20,000 Price Tag Makes Electric Mobility Attainable

Slated for a 2027 release, the ID.1 will boast a starting price of around €20,000 ($21,700). This price point makes electric car ownership a reality for a wider range of budgets, particularly young drivers and urban commuters seeking an eco-friendly way to navigate the city.

Small But Mighty: City-Friendly Specs

The ID.1 will be a compact, city-sized car designed for urban environments. With a range of up to 200 miles and a single electric motor powering it to speeds of 80 mph, it offers a practical solution for everyday commutes.

The ID.1 is just one piece of Volkswagen’s ambitious plan to launch 11 new electric car models by 2027. This significant investment in electric vehicles demonstrates their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and adhering to stricter environmental regulations.

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Not the Only Option, But a Compelling One

While the market already offers budget-friendly electric cars like the Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, and Hyundai Kona Electric, the ID.1 stands out with its combination of affordability and a 200-mile range. This makes it a particularly attractive option for buyers seeking both practicality and value.

Source: Automobilwoche

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