Does That Trend Catch On?: ChargeArm Offers a Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging On the Street

Chargearm Laadkabel Over Stoep
The number of electric vehicles on roads is increasing rapidly, and with it, the need for practical and accessible charging solutions. For those living in apartments or multi-family homes, charging their vehicle at home can be a challenge. Street charging emerges as an alternative, but it is not without its problems: cables can pose a tripping hazard and suffer damage from vehicles or pedestrians.

ChargeArm: an Innovative Solution

The ChargeArm is a retractable metal arm that holds the charging cable at a height of 2.3 meters, out of reach of pedestrians. It can be locked and secured to the ground or wall. ChargeArm also includes a wall box with a level 2 charging cable compatible with all charging stations.

ChargeArm ensures that its product is safe: it has no sharp or pointed mechanisms that could be a danger to children. The charging cable is permanently connected to the arm, making theft difficult. Additionally, all metal parts are grounded.

Cost and Availability

The price of the ChargeArm is not listed on the company’s website, but it is likely to be higher than that of a traditional recessed box, due to the additional cost of the arm and installation.

Other Alternatives

ChargeArm is not the only solution for street charging. Other companies, such as the British KerboCharge, are developing innovative systems to make charging more convenient and accessible. From £999 inc VAT, Note: the exact price for the KerboCharge is set by your local authority and may be higher than £999.

ChargeArm: Additional Features

  • Reach: 2.3 meters 
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Permits: Permission from the municipality or landowner is required to install it on the property. 
  • On-property use: It can be installed at the driveway entrance, not just on the street.

Secure anchorage: The ChargeArm is firmly anchored to the ground. No sharp edges: There are no sharp edges or protruding screws. Permanently connected cable: The charging cable is permanently connected to the arm, preventing theft. 

Pedestrian Hazards: No cables on the ground: There are no cables or wires crossing the sidewalk during charging. Clear passage: It does not block the passage of pedestrians, strollers, seniors, disabled individuals, or any other sidewalk user.

Cushioning: The ChargeArm is equipped with a limited-force gas damper. If someone pulls on the cable while the arm is extended, it will descend slowly and partially fold inward. This prevents finger trapping or injuries. Once released, it returns to its original position. Electricity:

Ground connection: All metal parts of the ChargeArm are fully grounded.

Price: In the Czech Republic: 1600 euros / 1742 USD as of 17.3.2024 without shipping and 340 euros / 370 USD with shipping (at EVSolutions). 

The ChargeArm is an innovative and safe solution for charging electric vehicles on the street. While its cost may be a factor to consider, it offers a number of advantages compared to traditional options, such as safety, accessibility, and convenience.

Source: ChargeArm website, Wepoweryourcar, EVSolutions

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