The BMW X Unveils the Future: Electric and Gigantic

BMW Vison Neue Klasse X
The revolutionary series of electric cars from BMW, called Neue Klasse (New Class), is just around the corner. The first model developed with a completely new architecture will begin production at the Hungarian factory in Debrecen next year. Soon we will get an idea of what the evolution of cars will mean for the Bavarian manufacturer.

The Future of Driving: Fast, Spacious, and Sustainable

For BMW, electric propulsion does not mean slow and boring driving. The Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Oliver Zipse, makes it clear that BMW will continue to produce cars for all its current customers. From sporty and fast vehicles to tall and spacious SUVs. We should not even forget the category that saw the birth of BMW. SAVs are high-construction cars, but with a more sloping roof that completes the sporty look and purpose of these vehicles. Among the current SAVs (Sport Activity Vehicles), we usually include the BMW X4 and X6, and among them will also be added the first representative of the New Class.

The first models will have the sixth generation of the BMW eDrive electric drive system under the hood. Its engineers apply a new approach to production, which includes much more, not only better efficiency, but a more sustainable approach to production, assembly and subsequent recycling. Drivers will therefore enjoy the smooth driving performance. New optimized software with four super-powerful computers will ensure a more perfect distribution of energy from the batteries through the electric motors to the wheels themselves. In addition to power transmission, in the future all computer components will be more interconnected in the automated control of the entire vehicle.

Models Full of Incredible Technology

Although BMW keeps the concept of the next model closely guarded, it comes close to the vision of the entire X series. In this way, the designation for high and spacious vehicles is maintained even with the new architecture. The models will be characterized by a long wheelbase with short body overhangs and a maximally spacious interior layout. The iconic kidney grilles will be retained, will get a more plastic 3D look and will complement the car’s light signature with LED backlighting. At the rear, the headlights retain the typical BMW signature in the form of L-shaped light clusters.

One of the most anticipated features of the new generation is the wide-angle 3D panoramic head-up display system. It displays information across the entire width of the windshield; the part located in front of the driver occupies an even larger area even in height. Touch screens are more integrated into the dashboard. So that passengers do not feel like they are in a surgically sterile environment, BMW has prepared extended options to enjoy the journey. In addition to the driving characteristics, this is also guaranteed by a personalized sound screen, which the driver activates using a new control on the redesigned steering wheel. BMW calls it the HYPERSONX WHEEL.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Motors

However, customers will also be interested in a more efficient connection between storage and motors. The new cylindrical Li-Ion cells will offer a fifth higher energy density. It will eliminate the current generation of prismatic cells. The new 800V on-board architecture will be used, which will increase the charging power by up to a third. It is said that we will cover 300 km in ten minutes. Therefore, the range should increase by the same third. In order for the cars to be more in harmony with nature and current trends in reducing the carbon footprint, all materials used in the interior are produced in an ecological way and without the use of petroleum-based materials.

Sustainability in Mind

On the contrary, the proportion of marine waste processing during production has increased. It mainly forms the base surfaces and serves as a secondary raw material in production. However, a high proportion of 30% is already expected. All these and other components thus follow the Circular Vision that BMW presented three years ago and which should increase the recyclability of the entire vehicle. The new iFactory in Hungary is also being developed in this style. When it starts production next year, it will be the first BMW Group plant to operate without relying on fossil fuels.

Source: BMW Newsroom

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