Tesla Sweetens the Deal: Free Premium Connectivity Added to Referral Program Rewards

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Tesla has announced an expansion to its referral program, adding a new perk for existing owners who can convince their friends and family to join the Tesla family. 

According to a report from Electrek, starting March 21st, 2024, successful referrals will now not only earn the referrer reward points they were previously accustomed to, but will also grant the new Tesla owner one year of complimentary Premium Connectivity.

Free Tesla Premium Connectivity

Premium Connectivity, typically a $10 monthly subscription, unlocks a variety of features for Tesla owners, including:

  • In-car internet access for browsing, streaming, and music;
  • Live traffic visualization and navigation updates;
  • Video streaming capabilities for the car’s entertainment system;
  • Cellular connectivity for over-the-air software updates.

This addition comes as Tesla nears the end of the quarter, a time when automakers often implement sales incentives. While some might argue a year of free Premium Connectivity isn’t a huge motivator considering the high price point of Tesla vehicles, it could be a tipping point for some potential buyers on the fence. Additionally, Tesla might be hoping this perk entices current owners to become brand ambassadors, potentially leading to a wider customer base and increased brand loyalty.

It’s important to note that this is a recent change, and details regarding the program can evolve. Be sure to check Tesla’s official website for the latest information on referral program rewards and eligibility requirements.

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