Nissan steps on the accelerator with the “The Arc” plan

Nissan embarks on a new era with the ambitious "The Arc" plan, designed to generate value and strengthen its position in the market. The objective is clear: increase sales, improve profitability, and become a leader in electrification.

An unprecedented product offensive: 30 new models in the next 3 years, 16 of them electrified. Nissan bets on a balanced portfolio to meet customers’ needs worldwide.

Strategic growth in key markets

Americas: Increase of 330,000 units sold and a $200 million investment in customer experience.

China: Renewal of 73% of Nissan brand models and launch of 8 new energy vehicles (NEVs).

Japan: Renewal of 80% of the passenger vehicle range and 70% electrification. 

AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania): Increase of 300,000 units sold and launch of 6 completely new models in Europe.

Competitiveness in the electric vehicle market

Reducing the cost of next-generation electric vehicles by 30%. Achieving cost parity between electric and internal combustion vehicles by fiscal year 2030. Development of electric vehicle “families” to optimize production and reduce costs. Technological innovation:

Implementation of next-generation ProPILOT door-to-door autonomous driving technology. Development of NCM lithium-ion, LFP, and solid-state batteries to offer a diversified range of electric vehicles. Strategic partnerships:

Strengthening the alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors. Exploring new partnerships in Japan and the USA. Financial discipline:

Stable investment in R&D and CAPEX between 7% and 8% of net income. Investment of over 400 billion yen in battery capacity. Maintaining a positive free cash flow and a total shareholder return of over 30%. Nissan is focused on the future with the “The Arc” plan. An ambitious plan that aims to make the company a leader in the new era of electric mobility.

With a solid strategy, an attractive product portfolio, and a focus on innovation, Nissan is ready to step on the accelerator and conquer the market.

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