Toyota Charges Forward: Electric Hilux Pickup Arriving by 2025

Toyota First Electric Truck

The rumble of gasoline engines may soon be joined by the hum of electric motors in the realm of pickup trucks. Toyota has announced plans to launch a fully electric version of its legendary Hilux by the end of 2025. This news comes as the Japanese automaker races to catch up with its domestic rival, Isuzu, which is set to unveil its first electric truck later this month.

From Hydrogen Dreams to Battery Reality

Toyota previously experimented with a hydrogen fuel cell Hilux concept. However, the decision to go electric reflects the growing consumer appetite for battery-powered vehicles and stricter emission regulations.

Specific details about the electric Hilux are limited, but it’s expected to compete with established electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and upcoming offerings from Chevrolet and GMC. The electric Hilux will need to maintain the Hilux’s reputation for toughness and capability, while offering the advantages of electric power, such as instant torque and potentially lower running costs.

Toyota Adapts To A Changing Market

This announcement signifies a significant shift for Toyota. As consumer preferences evolve and environmental concerns intensify, leading car manufacturers are rapidly adapting their product lines.

Japanese Electric Truck Showdown: Toyota vs. Isuzu

Toyota isn’t the only Japanese automaker vying for a slice of the electric truck pie. Isuzu’s upcoming D-Max BEV is set to launch in specific markets by 2025, potentially beating Toyota to the punch. This competition is likely to benefit consumers, driving innovation and potentially leading to more affordable and feature-rich electric trucks in the future.


2025: The Year of the Electric Pickup Truck?

Whether you’re a loyal Hilux enthusiast or simply intrigued by the future of electric trucks, 2025 promises to be a fascinating year. With Toyota and other manufacturers joining the fray, the electric pickup market is poised to become a battleground for innovation and consumer choice.

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