Arkup: A luxury yacht that defies imagination

Arkup 7
Forget everything you knew about houseboats. Arkup introduces a new era of luxury on the water with its liveable yachts that resemble more a dream villa than a boat.

Arkup Design

Designed for a dream life at sea, Arkup yachts can be customized to your liking, with different sizes, designs, and amenities. Imagine enjoying the same comfort as in a classic villa but with the freedom to sail wherever you please.

The house’s roof becomes an entertainment and relaxation space, perfect for sunbathing or enjoying dinner under the stars. And if you want even more luxury, you can add a summer kitchen or a jacuzzi on the terrace.

Arkup yachts are fully self-sufficient, thanks to their optional solar panels on the roof or a diesel generator that powers a 75 kWh battery. Plus, you can choose to moor it traditionally or elevate it above the water surface with four hydraulic pillars.

Want to create your own private island? Connect up to four Arkup yachts and enjoy a private pool in the center. The Arkup Wing model offers an even more luxurious living space, with a large rooftop terrace ideal for creating an eco-resort.

Ecological technology is key in Arkup yachts, with optional solar panels on the roof and motorized stabilizers for perfect balance.

But this luxury comes at a price. A basic Arkup yacht ranges between $500,000 and $1.2 million, while the high-end Arkup 75 model can cost between $3.5 and $5.5 million.

Undoubtedly, Arkup is not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a unique and exclusive experience at sea, these luxury yachts will leave you breathless.

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