iOS 17.5 Beta 1 on the Horizon

Apple IOS 17 Image By Apple

Good news for iPhone users enrolled in the iOS beta testing program! After a three-week hiatus, Apple is reportedly gearing up to release the first beta version of iOS 17.5 imminently.

This information comes from a social media post by a private account with a history of accurate Apple leaks. While specific details remain scarce, the post suggests the update will carry the build number 21F5048f.

The pause in the beta cycle has left some users wondering about the timeline for the final release of iOS 17.5. Apple typically unveils new iOS updates in September, alongside the launch of the next iPhone generation. Following this pattern, we can expect iOS 17.5 to be publicly available around that timeframe.

Possible Features in iOS 17.5

While Apple hasn’t officially revealed any details about iOS 17.5 features, rumors suggest it might include long-awaited functionality: allowing users to download apps directly from developer websites. Apple previously announced plans to introduce this feature sometime this spring, hinting at its potential inclusion in iOS 17.5.

According to content creator Aaron Zollo, IOS 17.5 BETA could bring the following features: 

  1. Stopwatch Live Activity 
  2. SharePlay on HomePod and Apple TV 
  3. PodCast Widget matching the color of the Thumbnail art 
  4. Wider navigation bar in Safari 
  5. Sideloading with a web browser 
  6. Mentions of HomeOS

Staying Updated on the Release

As Apple remains tight-lipped about the official release date, keeping an eye on developer forums and Apple’s developer website is recommended. Additionally, reputable tech news outlets like 9to5Mac will likely publish updates as soon as Apple confirms the official iOS 17.5 beta 1 rollout.

Source: Aaron Zollo

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