iOS 17.5 Beta Arrives! Download Apps Outside App Store?

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Apple kicked off a flurry of beta activity today, unleashing the first developer betas for a range of its operating systems including iOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, watchOS 10.5, tvOS 17.5, and even a new version of visionOS (1.2).

This comes after a period of radio silence from Apple regarding new beta releases, leaving developers and enthusiasts alike waiting patiently. While details are scarce at the moment, the arrival of these betas signifies that Apple is gearing up for the next wave of software updates.

What Can We Expect?

As these are the first betas, specifics about new features or user-facing changes are understandably under wraps. However, developers can now begin digging through the code to discover what goodies Apple might have in store.

For iOS 17.5, rumors have swirled about the possibility of Apple finally allowing users to download apps directly from developer websites. This long-requested feature could be a major shift in Apple’s App Store policies, and its potential inclusion in iOS 17.5 is an exciting prospect for some users.

Early Look at iOS 17.5 Beta 1

Some interesting details are already emerging from keen observers. According to developer Aaron Zollo, the iOS 17.5 beta 1 podcast widget now color matches the currently playing podcast, a feature that was present in earlier iOS 17.4 betas but seemingly removed. This suggests Apple might be bringing this functionality back in future updates.

What About Public Betas and Release Dates?

Typically, Apple offers developer betas for a few weeks or months before seeding public betas for anyone to try. This allows developers to iron out any major bugs before the software reaches the hands of everyday users. Following Apple’s usual release cycle, we can expect the final public versions of these updates (iOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, etc.) to arrive sometime in September, alongside the next iPhone generation.

Additional Updates

In other Apple news, it’s worth noting that Apple updated the AirPods Max firmware to version 6A325 alongside the flurry of beta releases. However, unlike the other software updates, Apple hasn’t yet provided any release notes detailing what this new firmware might entail.

Stay Tuned for More

With the developer betas now available, the rumor mill is sure to churn out more details and potential leaks in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on Apple’s developer website and reputable tech news outlets for the latest updates on these upcoming software releases.

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