Tech Meltdown: WhatsApp, Instagram, and More Hit by Global Outage

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Millions of users around the world are currently experiencing issues with WhatsApp. Reports began surfacing around 2:00 PM ET on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024, with users complaining they are unable to send or receive messages.

The outage appears to be widespread, affecting users across all regions. According to DownDetector, a website that tracks online service outages, reports of WhatsApp problems skyrocketed this afternoon. Social media is also abuzz with user frustration, with many taking to platforms like Twitter to express their concerns.

Limited Impact on Other Meta Platforms

There are also reports of issues with other Meta-owned platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger. However, these outages appear to be less widespread than the WhatsApp problems.

Cause of Outage Unknown

At this time, there’s a official word from Meta regarding the cause of the outage. The company has issued a statement on Twitter / X.

The outage is causing disruption for many users who rely on WhatsApp for communication. It is unclear how long the outage will last, but users can expect continued issues until Meta resolves the problem.

Stay Updated

For the latest updates on the WhatsApp outage, you can check DownDetector or social media platforms like Twitter. You can also wait for an official announcement from Meta.

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