Apple Defends Selling Macs With Only 8 GB Of RAM: Is It A Wise Strategy?

Photo: Apple MacBook Air 2 up hero

Apple generated controversy by introducing new MacBook Pro models with only 8 GB of RAM as the base configuration in november 2023. This decision has been criticized by many users and experts, who argue that this amount of RAM is insufficient for the demands of today’s tasks.

However, Apple has defended its decision, stating that its Macs are more memory-efficient than Windows PCs, so 8 GB of RAM in a MacBook Pro is equivalent to 16 GB in a PC. Additionally, the company argues that most users do not need more than 8 GB of RAM for their daily tasks.

Is This A Sound Strategy By Apple?

The answer is not simple.

On one hand, it’s true that Macs are known for their excellent memory management, and 8 GB of RAM may suffice for many users.

RAM needs vary greatly from one user to another. Users who work with heavy applications, such as video editing or graphic design, will need more RAM than those who only use their Mac for basic tasks like browsing the internet or easy tasks.

Moreover, the amount of required RAM may increase over time. As applications and the operating system become more demanding, users who initially didn’t need more than 8 GB of RAM may find their device lacking.

The decision to buy a Mac with only 8 GB of RAM is personal. Users should carefully assess their own needs and consider if this amount of RAM will be sufficient for their current and future tasks.

Additional Points To Consider:

Price: MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM are cheaper than those with 16 GB;

Upgradeability: Some MacBook Pro allow RAM upgrades after purchase.

What’s coming: RAM demand may continue to rise in the coming years, potentially making 8 GB insufficient even for basic tasks.

Do you agree with this, is 8GB really enough?

Source: 9to5Mac

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