EU Expands App Freedom: Sideloading and Alternative Browsers Coming to iPads

Apple iPad Pro 2022 | photo: Apple
The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) continues to transform Apple’s technological landscape. Following modifications to iPhones, iPads in the EU are set to get greater consumer control over apps and browsing.

What’s changing?

App Sideloading: EU iPad owners will be able to get software from places other than the official Apple App Store. This means that other app shops, such as AltStore, may become viable possibilities.

Alternative Browsers: Apple’s Safari, which now dominates mobile browsing, may face competition. The DMA enables users to install browsers powered by several engines, potentially giving them more options and functionalities.

What Does This Mean for the Users?

Wider App Selection: The ability to sideload apps opens the door to programs that may not comply with Apple’s App Store criteria or have not undergone the official review process.

Potential Cost Savings: Developers that use alternative app stores may avoid Apple’s fees, perhaps resulting in lower software prices.

Browser Choice and Innovation: Users who prefer a specific browser engine or feature can select alternatives to Safari. This could increase competition and result in more inventive browsing experiences.

Potential Concerns

Security Risks: Sideloading programs from untrustworthy sources can expose security flaws. Users should be wary about where they get apps.

App Fragmentation: The proliferation of app stores may make it difficult for developers to reach a larger audience.

Browser Integration: Other browsers may not integrate as well with the iPad operating system as Safari.

The Road Ahead

Apple has already begun applying adjustments on iPhones to comply with the DMA requirements. Similar updates are likely to trickle out for iPads in the EU. The specific timetable and functionality are unknown, but this move represents a big step toward a more open app environment for Apple devices in the European market.

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