iOS 17.5: Sideloading in the EU, Podcasts Update, Games, Design Tweaks, and More

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Apple hasn’t officially declared a release date for iOS 17.5, although the fourth beta version was released to developers on April 30th, 2024. Here is a full look at the impending iPhone update:

New features

Web Distribution in the EU: A Significant Change for European Users! iOS 17.5 allows users to install apps straight from developer websites, bypassing the App Store. This meets with new EU standards that promote user control over devices.

Here’s a deeper look at Web Distribution:
  1. Developers must agree to new App Store terms, which include a fee for apps with over one million downloads per year.
  2. Apps must match Apple‘s requirements and can only be installed from registered developer websites.
  3. Apple provides APIs that allow developers to interface with system functions.

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Release Date

Apple normally releases new iOS versions in September, with occasional mid-year updates. With the public beta accessible, a complete release is expected in May or June 2024.

Should you install the iOS 17.5 beta?

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