Is a Land Rover EV Conversion Worth It?

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Land Rovers are renowned for their ability to go off-road and for their tough appearance. However, some owners are looking for fresh life — electric conversions — for their cherished cars due to growing environmental concerns and rising fuel costs.

Leading this trend is the UK-based company Bedeo. They provide services and conversion kits to turn vintage Land Rovers into emission-free vehicles. Is this, however, a wise investment? Analyze the benefits and drawbacks.


Now let’s go specific!

With a 75-kwh battery pack, the first fully electric Defender conversion offers an amazing 153 miles of range according to the WLTP standard. In practical situations, EPA testing may reduce that to 110–125 miles. It’s also convenient to recharge. An optional DC fast charger may quickly charge a battery to full capacity in 90 minutes, compared to around five hours with a conventional 22 kW AC charger (perhaps even faster for a standard 80% charge). — Source: GreenCarReports

Why Convert to an Electric Land Rover?

Reduce your fuel expenses and carbon footprint by switching to electric power.

Save the environment

Going electric is more environmentally friendly for both you and the environment, especially in light of the rapidly rising cost of gas.

Instant Power Boost

Your Land Rover will ride smoother and possibly more exhilarating thanks to the instant torque that electric motors provide.

Set the Trends

There’s no denying that an electric Land Rover turns heads. It blends state-of-the-art technology with traditional Land Rover styling.

Things to Remember

Converting your Land Rover isn’t inexpensive, but you will save fuel over time. The cost of the installation and conversion kit may be high.

Range Anxiety: Although electric Land Rovers may have a lesser driving range on a single charge than gasoline-powered vehicles, electric vehicle technology is still advancing.

Selecting the Right Mechanic: Expertise is necessary for EV conversions. Badeo is a reputable UK company with experience in Land Rover conversions; nevertheless, ensure that the installation you select is qualified.

Resale Value: It’s unclear how converted Land Rovers will affect their resale value. It’s something to think about, even though some people who care about the environment could be lured to it.

Is it Worth It Now?

Depending on how you live off-road, the answer varies. An electric vehicle conversion could be fantastic if you’re ready for the initial outlay, value the environment, and want a distinctive driving experience.

When wanting to go electric, UK Land Rover owners may rely on Bedeo as a dependable option.

Consider This Before Making a Decision.

What kinds of adventures do you take your Land Rover on, and how often do you use it?

  1. Are there charging stations on your usual driving route
  2. How much will the conversion cost you?

You may determine whether an electric Land Rover is the best way to combine your love of Land Rovers with a greener future by assessing the benefits and drawbacks. Prepare yourself for an exciting, sustainable off-road journey!

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