The Best Gazelle E-Bike – 2024 Edition

Gazelle Eclipse C380 HMB by Gazelle
Gazelle, a Dutch frontrunner in the E-bike world, boasts a stellar lineup for 2024. But with so many options, finding the perfect fit can be tricky. Don’t worry, this guide will help you navigate Gazelle’s award-winning E-bikes and land your ideal match, including their gravel-conquering options and the feature-packed Eclipse series!

Gazelle’s Triumphs: E-Bikes Built To Win

Gazelle isn’t just another E-bike brand. They consistently top the charts in independent bike tests conducted across the Netherlands. Their 2024 collection is no exception, promising exceptional quality and innovation you can trust.

Focus On Your Needs: Unveiling The Perfect Gazelle E-Bike

Instead of a single “best” E-bike, Gazelle offers a range catering to diverse needs. Here’s how to narrow it down:

City Cruising

Conquer urban landscapes with the Ultimate C380+ HMB. This feature-packed E-bike boasts a comfortable design, a powerful Bosch motor, and an Enviolo CVT drivetrain for smooth gear changes.

Gravel Glider

Craving adventure beyond the pavement? Then the Ultimate C380 HMBmight be your perfect match. This gravel-ready E-bike features wide, knobby tires for tackling loose terrain, a powerful Bosch motor for conquering hills, and the Enviolo CVT drivetrain for seamless gear changes.


All-Around Powerhouse

Enter the Gazelle Eclipse. This feature-rich E-bike boasts a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, a large 750 Wh battery for extended range, and a comfortable upright riding position. It comes in two versions: the C380+ HMB with an internal gear hub and the T11+ HMB with a derailleur setup, giving you options for your preferred shifting style.

Lightweight Champion

Seeking a nimble E-bike? Look no further than the Medeo T9 HMB. Clocking in at a featherweight 47.2 pounds, it combines impressive lightness with a Bosch motor and a comfortable ride — perfect for navigating city streets or recreational adventures.

Beyond These Recommendations

Gazelle offers a broader selection, including E-bikes designed for trekking, commuting, and leisure cycling. Their website is a great resource to explore their full range [].

Finding Your Perfect Match

The best Gazelle E-bike isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Consider your riding style, needs, and preferences. With Gazelle’s award-winning lineup and focus on comfort and quality, you’re guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable ride in 2024 and beyond.

Ready to find your perfect Gazelle E-bike? Visit your local Gazelle dealer or explore their website to embark on your E-biking journey!

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