Rumored Apple Watch X: Design Revamp, FaceTime Camera, and More — Coming in 2024 or 2025?

Image: Apple Watch X
Apple’s smartwatch revolutionized the wearable devices category, and the California company continues to dominate the market to this day. With the ninth generation, the Watch Series 9, and the flagship Watch Ultra 2, already out, excitement for the next generation is increasing.

Rumors indicate that it will be a special anniversary version, the Watch X, with a big design update and novel functions.

A Renewed and Elegant Design

Rumors suggest that the Apple Watch X will feature a bolder and refreshed design compared to its predecessors. It is expected to abandon the current curved aesthetic for a flat frame with brushed metal texture, possibly titanium.

This update would give the watch a more modern and sophisticated look. Additionally, the Watch X is rumored to be thinner than the current Watch Ultra 2, making it a more comfortable option for daily wear.

An Integrated FaceTime Camera: Rumor or Reality?

One of the most surprising features of the Watch X would be the integration of a FaceTime camera.

This camera would be located in a small cutout at the top of the screen, allowing for video calls directly from the wrist. However, this feature raises doubts about its real utility.

Video calls on a small watch are not the most comfortable experience, and the camera could take up valuable space that would limit other functions such as battery life.

Beyond the Camera: A Feature-Rich Watch

Despite concerns over the FaceTime camera, the Watch X is shaping up to be a feature-rich wristwatch.

It is expected to have the same health and wellness capabilities as previous models, including heart rate monitoring, ECG, and blood oxygen detection. It could also include new sports tracking capabilities and more accurate GPS.

The Apple Watch X’s release date is currently unknown. Some reports say that it will appear this year as part of the Watch’s tenth generation, akin to the anniversary iPhone X.

Others say that the announcement will be postponed until next year, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the first Apple Watch.

A Promising Future for Smartwatches

Regardless of the release date, the Apple Watch X is an exciting step forward for smartwatches. Its refreshed look, potential new features, and inclusion of a FaceTime camera (which has yet to be confirmed for its true utility) make it an extremely appealing smartphone.

Undoubtedly, Apple’s Watch X has the potential to reshape the wearables market.

It is important to note that all information about the Watch X’s integrated FaceTime camera is based on rumors and speculation. There is no official confirmation from Apple on this feature.

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