Would You Buy the M4 iPad Just for the Magic Keyboard?

Apple iPad Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro M4 deal

The Magic Keyboard transforms the iPad Pro into a real work machine, but is it worth purchasing the M4 iPad only for its amazing keyboard? Let us analyze the benefits and downsides.

The Magic Keyboard provides an excellent typing and trackpad experience.

Comfortable, backlit keyboard: With scissor mechanism for silent and responsive typing.

Larger Glass Trackpad: With haptic feedback, ideal for precise applications like as spreadsheet editing and text selection.

Function keys: Provide easy access to screen brightness, volume, and other settings.

Adjustable Floating Design: Provides the optimal viewing angle.

A portable and versatile companion

The iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard has a slim and lightweight construction, making it equivalent to a current MacBook Air.

Durable The protective case covers both the front and back of the iPad Pro.
Ideal for mobile productivity.

But does it justify purchasing the new M4 iPad?

According to a 9to5Mac article, the Magic Keyboard is a big boost, even though the author already owns an iPad Pro.

Here are a few considerations to help you decide:

Do you already own an iPad? If your iPad runs iPadOS 17.4 or higher, consider purchasing the Magic Keyboard separately.

Do You Need a Full Laptop? The Magic Keyboard provides a laptop-like experience, although iPadOS has limitations when compared to macOS.

What are your needs? If you require the portability of a tablet plus the productivity of a keyboard with a trackpad, the Magic Keyboard could be a game changer.


From $299 — Compatible with iPad Pro 13-inch M4, iPad Pro 11-inch M4

If your iPad’s typing and trackpad skills need to be upgraded, and mobility is crucial, the Magic Keyboard can be an excellent buy, even if you are not replacing your iPad. However, consider whether the cost-benefit ratio is worthwhile in your particular scenario.

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