6 Must-Try AI Apps for Everyone: Start with Artificial Intelligence!

Each AI app has its own unique features and functions, but they all have one thing in common - they're helping to create a smarter future. From virtual assistants to language learning, these tech tools show us just how powerful and versatile AI can be.

Whether you use these applications for personal or business development, AI will certainly come in handy and help you stay competitive in today’s digital world. You may have already tried OpenAI’s phenomenal ChatGPT chatbot, but that’s only a small part of what AI in general can do and how it can be put to real use.


Who doesn’t know ChatGPT, clearly the most fascinating artificial intelligence? It is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. Its main function is the ability to automatically generate human-readable text based on input and context. This means that users can enter a question or request and ChatGPT will automatically provide them with an answer or generate text content on the topic.

ChatGPT has a wide range of applications, for example, it can be used as a chatbot in customer support, to generate content for websites, as a text writing assistant or as a tool for education and research. Thanks to its ability to learn and improve, ChatGPT is able to provide increasingly better and more relevant answers based on user interactions and input data.



Photo by Jasper AI

According to some experts, Jasper is the best AI assistant for copywriting, whether for blog posts, marketing texts, press releases, or emails. It can also help with generating Facebook or Google ads, or even coming up with a meta title and description for SEO. It can speak 25 languages.



Photo by Lensa AI

Lensa is a professional photo and video editing app that will impress you especially with its feature to create a futuristic avatar with the help of artificial intelligence. A package of 50 photos costs 6 USD, 100 photos 1O USD and 200 generated 15 USD. But beware of early cancellation, otherwise you’ll pay a year’s subscription.


Photo by MidJourney V5

Midjourney is an independent research project dedicated to developing the power of the human imagination. Specifically, it is a tool that uses AI to generate images based on text you type into it. And of course, the more precise your input, the better results you get.



Foto de ilgmyzin na Unsplash

Duolingo is a very popular, free platform for learning languages, even with the help of artificial intelligence. It can better understand how good you are and tailor courses accordingly. Currently, Duolingo works in many languages, including English, but the availability of courses varies from language to language.

Deep L

Photo by Deep L

According to many opinions, it is the most accurate compiler in the world. DeepL is a machine translation service based on artificial neural networks, which makes its results more convincing and natural-looking than those from Google Translate, for example.

Are you familiar with and do you routinely use any of these apps that use AI technology? And what do you think are the best AI tools? Let us know in the discussion below the article.

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