A feature that will make you happy. WhatsApp starts transcribing audio messages to text

WhatsApp has long been a constant in the mobile sky, and one that can be relied upon. Its developers are constantly trying to improve it to keep up with the ever-growing competition and to make sure that it is WhatsApp that sets the trends in this segment. Now, the developers have focused on a phenomenon of our time, namely voice messaging.

Some love them, others hate them

Audio messages have been with us for quite some time now, but they are enjoying the most popularity right now, in today’s very hectic times. And no wonder. Often it’s easier to coax your message to the other party into an audio commentary than it is to spend long minutes tapping away at a keyboard.

It’s also significantly more practical, as you can dictate your messages on the move while keeping your eyes on the world around you and its pitfalls. Which, of course, you can’t say about dating a more coherent text. But not everyone likes audio messages, and the upcoming news will be aimed at them.


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Audio to text in seconds

If you’re a die-hard opponent of this type of communication, and if you delete an audio message when someone sends you one, this upcoming news is for you. This is because WhatsApp developers are working on a feature that will convert these spoken messages into text.

This means that when someone sends you an audio message, you will be able to read it in text form normally. This news has been reported by WABetaInfo and the fact is that transcription of audio messages has been in development since 2021 and has been put on hold for some time, for unknown reasons.

When will we see it?

The news that this feature is again in development has appeared in the test version of WhatsApp for iOS number The transcription of messages will take place locally within the device, it will not be possible in the event that words are not recognized in the note and this data will not be shared with WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the date of deployment of this feature in live operation is not yet known.

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