A revolution in chatting? Apple is working on reading messages in your friends’ voices

iMessage new feature

Apple is still working on new features and tweaks to iOS. For example, it is trying to teach as many features as possible to the voice assistant Siri. She can already read incoming messages, for example, but only with her robotic voice. In the future, we can expect to see messages read by the sender’s voice.

Apple has a new patent

According to Patently Apple, the new patented technology will allow you to convert a text message into your contact’s voice. This will, of course, require users to agree to share voice analytics, which Apple would then use to mimic.

In real life, everything should work as follows. For example, when you receive a message from Honza, you ask Siri to read it in Honza’s voice. The received message will then be read in Honza’s voice if he has given Apple permission to use his voice for that purpose. All of this is meant to enhance and personalize the experience of exchanging messages with your friends.

Great potential

This is a really interesting patent, but it’s impossible to know when or if Apple will turn this patent into a real feature. There is already speculation as to what else this feature could be used for. The most common use is in Keynote, which would open up further personalisation of notes and presentations.

What is your opinion? Do you miss this feature in iMessage? Let us know in the comments.


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