A revolution in search? Google homepage may turn into a chatbot

A revolution in search? Google homepage may turn into a chatbot

The ChatGPT artificial intelligence model has been gaining a lot of attention in recent months. As a very capable language model, it can answer many questions, but it cannot yet use its knowledge to search the Internet. Google will probably try to take advantage of this opportunity.

A chatbot in search?

ChatGPT is being developed by Open AI, a company in which tech giant Microsoft also has a stake. The latter is certainly aware of ChatGPT’s potential, which is why it is investing another $10 billion in Open AI and will reportedly try to incorporate a capable chatbot into the Bing search engine. This could give it a competitive advantage over Google, but the engineers at Google aren’t going to let a first mover get away with it.

A new report from CNBC suggests that Google could be much further along than expected with the development of a competing chatbot. It’s reportedly already testing a model, workingly dubbed “Apprentice Bard,” that, unlike previous models from Google, answers any questions from employees, much like ChatGPT. It is built, like Google’s other chat models, on LaMDA technology.

Some employees are reportedly even testing its capabilities on Google’s modified homepage, where it has taken the place of the “Try My Luck” button.

It also knows new events

But unlike ChatGPT, he said he knows and understands what happened after 2021, so when employees asked him if there was another round of layoffs planned at Google, he was able to give an answer.

“Based on my data, it is unlikely that Google will conduct another round of layoffs in 2023,” the response read. “Layoffs are generally done to cut costs, but the company is doing well financially. Google’s revenue increased 34% in 2021 and the company’s stock value has increased 70% since January 2022.


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