A revolution in transport? A giant carmaker introduces ChatGPT into its cars


The ChatGPT language model has taken the technology sector by storm. Virtually immediately after its publication by OpenAI, even the biggest players are racing to see who will either incorporate ChatGPT into their system or create a better alternative. And it seems that even the car companies are not afraid of the big challenges.

General Motors will use ChatGPT

One of the largest car manufacturers in the world, General Motors, is currently developing a digital assistant that will use the same machine learning models as the aforementioned ChatGPT system. After all, the automaker’s vice president Scott Miller has said that ChatGPT will one day be “in everything.”

And what will such a digital assistant actually do? It probably won’t drive the car for you, but it can be helpful in other ways. In short, it will be a helper whose mission is to advise the driver – for example, in the event of a puncture or other unplanned situation. It will also help with setting the garage door in the car’s infotainment system and so on.

A revolution in transport?

A revolution in transport? A giant carmaker introduces ChatGPT into its cars

The exact features are not yet known, but one thing is certain – the digital assistant will do much more. In addition, it will work differently from other chatbots to better interact with the vehicle. General Motors is working with Microsoft, which owns part of OpenAI, on the project.

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